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WDHOF Member Roster Detail

JoAnn Zigahn , 2001

JoAnn began her diving career in 1981 in Northeast waters, later expanding her underwater horizons to include the Red Sea and the Pacific. For the past 35 years she has played a major role in developing the largest underwater exposition in the Americas, Beneath The Sea". She is currently President of this prestigious organization. In that capacity JoAnn has worked endlessly to promote the sport of scuba diving ocean environmental awareness and ocean conservation to the general public. In addition to administering BTS’s international Ocean Pals Project which for 30 plus years has encouraged young people to become aware of and share their concerns for the marine environment today JoAnn is even more involved creating additional opportunities to attract and influence young people into tying their future to the future of our oceans. Supporting her initiatives BTS today is totally committed to a major scholarship program as well as an established and rapidly expanding Marine Careers program which she has created and natured. JoAnn welcomes everyone to join her on this ongoing journey into the future of the oceans and diving with BTS. In a world that changes as constantly and as rapidly as ours, JoAnn knows that only by working together can we possibly meet the modern challenges to our oceans and our sport, and create the changes that we all know must be a part of the future. She was given the Wyland Icon Award for her work. Recently the Cayman International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame took note of JoAnn’s long history of work and successful efforts on behalf of scuba diving and the oceans, then added she and Zig to their Honor Roll.