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Mehgan Heaney-Grier , 2000

Mehgan never planned on becoming a champion freediver, but in October 1996 that is just what happened. At age 18, she formally introduced the sport of freediving to the United States. On one breath of air she plunged to 155 feet, establishing the first-ever constant weight freediving record for both men and women in the USA. Less than one year later, in August 1997, she challenged the depths again, setting a new USA freediving record in the constant weight category at 165 feet. Utilizing her aquatic expertise Mehgan spent several years encountering sharks, alligators and other aquatic creatures documenting and observing their behavior. This lead to her adventures being featured in many documentaries including her own series on Animal Planet titled Extreme Contact". A woman who has always gravitated towards the extremes. Mehgan currently splits her time between the ocean that surrounds her home in the Florida Keys and the mountains in Colorado where she is working on her Biology and Anthropology degree's at CU in Boulder.