WDHOF History

Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) was founded in 1999 to recognize and honor the contributions of women pioneers, leaders and innovators in the many fields of diving and to promote careers and opportunities for women in the diving community worldwide.  

From its inception, WDHOF raised public awareness of women’s exceptional contributions. There were seventy-two honorees on WDHOF’s  inaugural roster in 2000.  It was impressive to watch these elite professionals receive their honors as women who established note worthy milestones in many diverse fields of diving.

Following this inaugural class, the organization recognized that there were many other as-yet unrecognized worthy candidates who had also contributed significantly to WDHOF’s diverse fields including but not limited to: arts, sciences, diving and hyperbaric medicine, undersea exploration, underwater archaeology, media, business, marine and freshwater conservation, dive education and training, safety, underwater sports, free diving, military diving, and commercial diving. As a result, a process was developed whereby new Members could be nominated and inducted annually into WDHOF.