Member Nominations

Nominations are due by October 1, 2023
An overview of the process and criteria are provided below.


The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) seeks to recognize the outstanding contributions that women divers have made in the exploration, knowledge, safety, enjoyment, and preservation of our underwater world. We know there are many deserving women not yet among our honorees. Please take time to recognize them with your nomination.


To be considered for Membership in WDHOF, a woman must meet these two basic requirements:

  1. She must actually be an underwater diver.
  2. Her contribution must be recognized as significant.

Other representative achievements which have qualified Nominees for selection in the past can be seen in the member roster. Criteria for successful nominations is provided here.

Nomination Package Instructions


All nomination materials must be received electronically using the online nomination form and must be submitted together as a single submission by October 1, 2023.

The completed WDHOF NOMINATION FORM must include:

1.  Accurate contact information for Nominee

2.  A Summary of DIVING-RELATED CERTIFICATIONS, including the year of the earliest certification.

3.  The Approximate total number of dives.

4.  A Summary of DIVING-RELATED ACCOMPLISHMENTS (can be as lengthy as necessary) that addresses the CRITERIA.

5.  The Nominee's most recent CV or resumé must be attached, which includes a nominee’s publications, if any.

6.  Materials to document a nominee’s statements of significant achievements must be attached. For example, links to websites, pictures of book covers, photo of an advanced specialty diving certification card, photo of award, documentation of record broken, etc.

7.  How the Nominator knows the Nominee. How long they have known each other. This must be no longer than 100 words.

8.  At least THREE (but no more than five) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (LOR). Five letters are more advantageous than the minimum of three, but all letters should be strong, detailed, and substantive, and follow all the guidelines for letters below:

a. A Nominator may write one of the letters and it does count toward the total number of letters.

b. All recommendations must be written by individuals who know the Nominee personally and are able to address the Nominee's credentials with respect to the Criteria.

c. In their letters, letter writers must say how they know the Nominee.

d. Letters should preferably be written on letterhead, and the letter writers must give their full identity and credentials or affiliation.

e. Letters must be dated in the current year. When you ask someone to write a letter of recommendation, ask if he/she is planning to nominate or write a letter for another Nominee or has done so already. If yes, someone else would be a better choice because the Selection Panel appreciates whole-hearted support for a particular Nominee from Nominators and letter writers.

9.  A BIOGRAPHY of approximately 100 but not more than 120 words, which will be used as the descriptor on the Member Roster, press releases, and other places where Members are honored, if the nominee is selected for Membership.

All information contained in the Nomination Form must be approved by Nominee prior to submission. It is extremely important for the Nominee to participate in the gathering of the information for the Nomination package to ensure accuracy and completeness. There is a question on the Nomination Form that asks if the Nominee has checked over the information that must be answered yes for the submission to be accepted.

Click here to go to the WDHOF NOMINATION FORM

Nominator Information:

1. Before beginning to work on the information required in the Nomination Form, a Nominator should check with the Nominee to make sure she is eligible to be nominated for this year. If a Nominee has had four or more nominations previously submitted on her behalf, there must be a hiatus of three years and then she may be nominated again. Effective 2023.

2. Please respect the deadline date for submission of the Nomination package. Packages received after the submission date will not be considered.

3. Gather up all relevant information, letters, CV, etc. before filling out the Nomination form. It cannot be saved and submitted later. Do not submit an incomplete form, for example, writing “letter to follow” in place of the actual letter.

4. We STRONGLY recommend that you begin assembling the nomination materials early, especially the letters of recommendation, and submit the nomination package well before the deadline. Nominations submitted just before the deadline allow no time for changes or corrections if needed.

5. All letters of recommendation must be dated within the current year.

6. In order for your nomination to be processed, all entries marked with an asterisk (*) on the Nomination Form must be complete. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted and will not be considered.

7. Self-nominations are permitted, but all materials are still required.

8. If this is a posthumous nomination, some accommodations will be made. Check with Joan Forsberg, New Member Committee Chair for details at

9. If you have any questions or, if electronic submission presents a hardship, please contact Joan Forsberg, New Member Committee Chair at

10. PLEASE RETAIN A COPY OF YOUR COMPLETED NOMINATION AND ALL SUPPORTING MATERIALS. You should receive an acknowledgement of your nomination within 10 days of submission.

Nominee Information:

1. A Nominee who has had four or more nominations previously submitted on her behalf must take a hiatus of three years and then she may be nominated again. Effective 2023.

2. WDHOF expects that any Nominee who is nominated and selected will accept the invitation for membership and induction into the organization. To ensure interest, the NOMINEE MUST BE NOTIFIED OF THE NOMINATION BY THE NOMINATOR.

3. The New Member Committee will consider all completed nominations and make its annual selection of new members by mid-December. All Nominees and Nominators will be notified as soon as possible after the decision.

4. We are pleased to invite all Nominees to become a WDHOF Associate free for one year.

5. Within 10 days of receiving notification, the SELECTEE MUST PROVIDE WDHOF WITH AN OFFICIAL WRITTEN ACCEPTANCE OF MEMBERSHIP. The official Induction Ceremony for WDHOF Honorees will be held at an event to be determined based on current diving community scheduling.

6. The acceptance should also include a photo of the selectee (showing the face), and confirmation of her biography and current contact information for the WDHOF Directory. The acceptance and confirmation can be made by email directly to Joan Forsberg, New Member Committee Chair at or by regular mail to

WDHOF Nominations
10 High Lake Ave.
West Chicago, IL 60185

7. Selectees are expected and encouraged to attend the Induction Ceremony, but if for some reason a selectee is unable to attend, alternate arrangements will be made.

All personal information (including postal/email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) will remain confidential and will be used only for correspondence relating to this nomination. Questions on the nomination process may be submitted to Joan Forsberg, New Member Committee Chair at

Thank you for helping the Women Divers Hall of Fame to raise public awareness of the outstanding contributions that women have made and continue to make to the diving community!