Dive Shows

Boston Sea Rover

March 16, 2024

70th International Ocean Symposium and Film Festival - Here are just a few highlights in store throughout the weekend: Over 40 Saturday and Sunday Daytime Seminars, featuring slide and video shows from around the underwater world! World renowned Saturday Evening Film Festival, featuring the best filmmakers and explorers in the business! Expanded Exhibit Hall – Featuring two full days open to the public on Saturday and Sunday! Discover Scuba offered at the on-site pool. Advanced Training & Specialized Workshops from Industry Experts. Reasonably priced hotel rooms with discount rates. Special Free Sunday Kids Programs – Stay tuned for details!

Beneath the Sea

March 22, 2024

America's largest Consumer Oceans Exposition, Scuba and Dive Travel Show.

ADEX Ocean Mission 2024

April 12, 2024

Dedicated To Sustainable Blue Economy and Celebrating 30 Years! ADEX Ocean Mission 2024 will be a platform for ocean lovers to find sustainable solutions, seek best practices, and promote awareness and education for the protection of our most valuable resource. We also want to grow our network of like-minded individuals into a community who cares about the condition of our planet, and become a force for good.

Scuba Show

June 1, 2024

Scuba Show at Long Beach Convention Center is America's largest consumer dive expo. Visitors get everything they ever wanted to know about scuba in one place, at one time. Scuba exhibitors and scuba diving retailers showcase the latest scuba gear as well as exotic and local dive destinations.