Nomination Criteria

Successful nominees have credentials of the following caliber, and in more than one category, (Other representative achievements which have qualified Nominees for selection in the past can be seen in the Member Roster):

  1. One whose contributions have had a significant impact on the diving community’s knowledge, safety, enjoyment and/or protection of the underwater environment. (Example: one of our Members worked for eight years in the Eastern Caribbean to obtain the only recompression chamber for use by 10 Caribbean islands, thus enhancing the safety of diving throughout the Eastern Caribbean.)
  2. One who has set/broken a world record in the field of diving. (Examples: one of our Members was the free diving world champion; another set the world record for deep ocean solo diving.)
  3. One who was the “first” or a pioneer in a diving-related field that is recognized as significant. (Examples: one of our Members was the first woman to dive the renowned Andrea Doria; another was the first woman to graduate from the US Navy’s Deep Sea Diving School.)
  4. One who is the Founder or CEO of a major diving organization or program. (Examples: one of our Members created an innovative program for handicapped divers; another was the first woman Executive Director of the YMCA Scuba Program.)
  5. One who is well known and strongly endorsed by major leaders and/or experts in her diving-related field. (Example: one of our Members is a recognized underwater archaeologist who was strongly supported by the resident archaeologist of the Guernsey Maritime Trust.)
  6. One who is a proven leader within her diving community and/or has demonstrated outstanding leadership in her profession. (Example: one of our Members is a world-renowned ambassador for ocean science and stewardship, often representing ocean environmental perspectives in preeminent international meetings and panels.)