Bonnie Toth

Class of:  2007

Bonnie Toth is creative director and owner of Bonnie Toth Advertising & Design in San Clemente, CA. For more than 30 years, she has shared her passion and creativity, elevating the marketing world through outstanding visual communications and advancing exploration of the undersea world through her deep commitment to diving and leadership in the industry. Over the last decade, Bonnie has volunteered countless hours behind the scenes to promote, grow, and raise awareness for the Women Divers Hall of Fame, twice chairing its board of trustees and serving as president and treasurer for two terms. Bonnie currently handles membership communications, web design and upkeep, print and tradeshow booth graphics, scholarship and grant materials, and fundraising items such as the WDHOF commemorative book, calendars, and cookbook. She also underwrites the advanced dive training grant. Bonnie is currently the Managing Editor for the Journal of Diving History. Bonnie is recipient of the BTS 2014 Diver of the Year award for Service, 2014 HDS E.R. Cross Award for Distinguished Service, and the AUAS NOGI, Distinguished Service 2016. WDHOF Board of Directors: 2005 - 2019 (Trustee, Chair, President, Treasurer)