Margo Peyton

Diving Industry Leader, Educator, Divemaster

With a degree in Travel and Tourism, Margo owned and ran Caribbean Adventures & World Dive Adventures Dive Travel for 14 years. As a mother of two, she realized a need for family options and children's programs, not finding anything out there, Margo created family dive travel events for families from all around the world to come together and experience and learn about the underwater world. She founded Kids Sea Camp in 2000. Margo’s world wide events certify 350+ youth divers annually. She has created the world’s largest dive event, with approximately 1,600 participants each year. Margo is co-founder of Ocean Wishes Foundation, and besides her own initiatives, contributes to many other causes, such as Project Aware, Ocean Pals, WWF, Sea Shepard's and others. Margo is a PADI MSDT instructor with numerous specialties, who is committed to educating children about the ocean and ways to protect it. As of 2013 Margo has contributed to 5,000 certifications for kids, with a flawless safety record. Margo speaks at high schools and colleges as well as resorts around the world, she works with local underprivileged kids to inspire them to seek marine careers and educates them about pollution, over fishing and more.

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