Michele Hall

Class of:  2000

In 1991, Michele left her career in pediatric nursing and entered the field of documentary filmmaking. She has produced 8 award-winning television documentaries, including Shadows in a Desert Sea, Secrets of the Ocean Realm (PBS), Jewels of the Caribbean (National Geographic), and Shark Mountain (PBS). Michele’s interest in large-format filmmaking was sparked in 1994 when she was a Location Manager for IMAX’s first underwater 3D film, Into The Deep." In 1999 she produced the IMAX 2D film "Island of the Sharks." She has continued working in the IMAX format as Location Manager Line Producer and ‘on-camera talent’ for MacGillivray Freeman Film’s "Coral Reef Adventure and later as a Producer on the Warner Bros.-funded / IMAX 3D features Deep Sea 3D" and "Under the Sea 3D.""