Award Recipient


Basic Dive Training Grant, Sponsored by the Women Divers Hall of Fame

Bhagya Jayasundara, Hansini Silva, Pathumini Jayamanne, Sajani Jeewanthi

With Bhagya as Team Leader, this team of undergraduate students attending Ocean University of Sri Lanka for a B.Sc. in the Coastal and Marine Resources Management degree program are concentrating on areas relating to marine wildlife, fisheries, marine biology, ocean observation, oceanography and marine archaeology.  They are currently working as volunteers on the shark research project of Earth Lanka Youth Network, are doing research on microplastic around the Sri Lankan coastal belt, and are active in the Young Zoologist's Association of Sri Lanka. They participated in the Race to the Ocean, the beach cleanup program organized by UNLEASH.  After graduating, their aspiration is to research marine and environmental resources, identify their threats, find solutions and educate the future world as lecturers.

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