Award Recipient


Advanced Dive Training Grant - Professional, Sponsored by the Women Divers Hall of Fame

Charlamain Caycedo

Charlamain is a proud U.S.Navy veteran, retired respiratory therapist, and wetlands/ocean conservationist.  She completed her Open Water certification in October 2020 with WAVES project, a nonprofit that uses the therapeutic values of scuba to help veterans with service-connected injuries recover.  In 2021 Charlamain volunteered for clean upprojects with Force Blue in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale and a weeklong project at Biscayne National Park partnering with the National Park Service’s Submerged Resource Center.  Charlamain completed her Divemaster Certification in February 2022 and intends to complete DAN 02 Instructor training to help give back, inspire, and instruct her fellow veterans.  

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