Award Recipient


Advanced Dive Training Grants – Professional, Sponsored by Erin Spengler in honor of WDHOF Member Diedre Sullivan

Dehan Nanayakkara, Upekha Kottege, Amali Wickramasinghe, Benthota Dayangika

Dehen is a fourth-year undergraduate in Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, University of Ruhuna in Sri Lanka. He is an ocean enthusiast who loves to explore its hidden beauty. Dehen aspires to study biophysical ocean modelling for his Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

Upekha is interested in studying marine spatial planning and climate resilient cities with infrastructure research and projects. She earned her first degree at University of Moratuwa and is working as a town planner for National Physical Planning Department Sri Lanka. She was involved in the National Adaptation Strategy prepared for UNFCCC, Sri Lanka.

Amali is working as a research assistant at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura to conduct research in Aquatic Bioresources. Concerned about the environment and climatic issues, her goal is to work in biology, ecology, and conservation of marine ecosystems.

Benthota is studying marine animal species identification, conservation and aquaculture with a focus on mangrove ecosystems, corals, sponges and wetland birds. She has conducted projects in marine habitat restoration through landscaping and conservation, coral reef restoration, and mangrove rehabilitation.

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