Award Recipient


Sherry Reed Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship in Marine Conservation, sponsored by family & friends of WDHOF Member Sherry Reed

Eloise Rose Lopez

Eloise, who lives in the Marianas Islands, earned an A.A in Education and is now pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Natural Resources Management. Eloise participated in the Division of Coastal Resources Management Summer Internship and worked under the DEQ LAB - Department of Environmental Quality Laboratory where she collected and analyzed marine and drinking waters here in the Marianas Islands. Eloise is also currently doing a year-long internship with the Bureau of Environmental Coastal Quality as a Shoreline Monitor Intern, where she studies the states of how the CNMI’s shorelines are in order to better inform coastal planning to determine if our shores are decreasing or increasing from the way they are now. Eloise’s goal is to give back to the waters of her island. She wants to contribute her key findings and promote the benefit of its importance to the public. Her goal is to also promote the securing of the safety of the coral reefs. 

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