Award Recipient


Hugh Fletcher Memorial Training Grant to Assist the Disabled to Dive, sponsored by friends of Hugh Fletcher (WDHOF Founder/Member Kathy Weydig) & the Sister Fund

Lucelle Hudson

Lucelle is an Australian woman with Cerebral Palsy who loves the sea. Until 2019, she hadn’t been in the ocean for over 40 years! Determined to return, she connected with Aquatherapist Robert Orr. After months of work at indoor pools, she achieved a day of ocean snorkeling. Determined to go deeper, Lucelle plans to dive, accessing adaptive support with her grant. On land, she uses a chin-operated wheelchair. In water, she experiences freer mobility which brings her joy, together with the sea life. Emerging filmmaker Jemma Pigott is documenting her journey which Lucelle hopes will inspire others to follow their dreams.

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