Award Recipient


Advanced Dive Training Grants – Scientific, Sponsored by donations to WDHOF

Nicholle Amador

Nicholle is a biologist who graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras with acum laude distinction. Since her first year of college, she has wanted to explore the underwater world, feeling a connection with the ocean. This led her to seek opportunities in the Bay Islands, where she started working for a local NGO, Kanahau Wildlife Conservation Organization on the island of Utila. She oversees the Environmental Education and Community Outreach program, which includes the development of a project to establish a lionfish jewelry market in Utila. This project seeks to support the community, control the lionfish as an invasive species in the Mesoamerican reef area of Utila, and provide sustainable souvenir alternatives for tourists. Through this project, she became an Advanced Open-Water diver and a proficient lionfish hunter. She wants to improve her diving skills to carry out underwater scientific activities and continue working in the conservation of Honduras.

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