Award Recipient


Advanced Dive Training Grant-Recreational, Sponsored by Ocean Wishes (WDHOF Member Margo Peyton) and donations to WDHOF

Sarah Elkin

Sarah is a marine scientist studying within the International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources at the University of Ghent, Belgium. She is currently undertaking her thesis research on how patron - client relationships in a climate change hotspot in Mexico are affecting climate change adaptations of fishers. While conducting her Master’s research, Sarah has learned how important diving can be not only in research, but also in inspiring curiosity for the ocean. Her interests are working within science communication and education to bridge the gap between research and the public, having recently designed and started a social media account with fellow students to engage a wider audience in marine science. Sarah plans to use this grant to obtain her Rescue Diver certification, another step in her journey to improve her diving skills, with the aim to use them to communicate the wonders of the ocean to those around her.

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