Award Recipient


Kids Sea Camp Basic Dive Training Grant, sponsored by Kids Sea Camp (WDHOF Member Margo Peyton) & donations to the WDHOF Scholarship Fund

Talya Redinger

A native Floridian and avid boater,Talya has spent her life snorkeling in reefs and waterways. The mother of two returned to college August 2020 to pursue a degree in Environmental Science with hopes to work in coastal conservation. “I am really fascinated by the use of biological systems for the protection of our shorelines. I am hoping to work with these ecosystems to preserve the quality of our water and help fortify our coasts against the rising seas.” Talya is a sophomore at St. Petersburg College and is volunteering with SPC Stem Center on their Living Shoreline Project. She is excited to learn to dive as this will give her greater opportunities to advance her future career and open the door for understanding how coastal conservation works beyond the beach. 

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