Award Recipient


Captain Wayne Hasson Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Applied Marine Conservation, Sponsored by Sea of Change Foundation (WDHOF Member Anne Hasson in memory of her husband, Wayne)

Torrey Gorra

Torrey is an IMBRSea student at Ghent University, interested in marine conservation. She is currently conducting her Master’s research with the NGO, Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC). Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a pressing concern in the Cambodian Sea. Years of unsustainable fishing practices have seriously degraded much of the benthic habitat, contributing to reduced biodiversity and water clarity throughout Kep Archipelago. She is utilizing meiofauna techniques (sediment cores) and visual census surveys to understand the role that oysters, fish, and other filter feeders play on artificial reefs (implemented by MCC to reduce trawling and simultaneously boost biodiversity), trawled areas and remnant bivalve and seagrass beds. This study will serve as a baseline for an oyster restoration project later by MCC.

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