Award Recipient


Kids Sea Camp Basic Dive Training Grant, sponsored by Kids Sea Camp (WDHOF Member Margo Peyton) & donations to the WDHOF Scholarship Fund

Wilma Mavea

Wilma is a volunteer at Pidu(traditional name for dolphin/dugong) research project in Papua New Guinea. She grew up enjoying the coastal environment. Studying the Australian Snubfin and Humpback Dolphins during her post-graduate studies has created the desire to become a Marine Mammal expert so she can be able to represent the voiceless marine mammals whose homes are deteriorating mercilessly at human expense. She is currently completing a National Marine Mammal Sighting and Stranding database project. The KSC Grant will help her get a basic diving certificate, enabling her to work at local dive resorts and continue the efforts on Marine Marine Mammal research and conservation work.

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