Instructor Advanced Education Training Grant

This award is for women and men
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One $2,000 grant is open to women who are certified scuba diving instructors and have trained and certified a minimum of 25 open water divers. The purpose of the grant is to encourage instructors to expand their own underwater-related skills by taking additional training leading to certification to teach dive specialty courses, or become certified as an instructor in a diving education, skill-associated field such as CPR, O2,AED, First Aid, or earn a certificate in an industry-associated field such as chamber operation or equipment repair. The grant is not limited to these examples. Other courses that are post-instructor certification that improve or expand the instructor’s dive training safety or skills will be considered. The grant may be used for single or multiple course fees and equipment needed for specialized diving or to teach the learned skill/specialty. The award may not be used for travel expenses.  A report detailing how the grant was used to increase and apply new skills is required.  

Sponsored by WDHOF Member Jeanne Bear Sleeper


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