Fifty-five-year-old police detective Frank Ridge has hit a slump in his career. A recent homicide case is botched, and Frank is blamed for not keeping up with crime scene technology. In an effort to rectify the situation, he enlists the help of Dennis Andrews, a young CSI military scientist who is fascinated with all the latest technologies. Dennis has created a new device that quickly analyzes DNA samples at the molecular level, without damaging or even touching the samples. Together, the two crime fighters start working as a team solving virtually impossible cold cases. Everything seems to be going well at first, but then the two are under fire from government officials who would like to see the DNA device disappear, along with the dynamic duo. To complicate matters further, the killer in the botched homicide has decided that Frank is to blame for all his legal problems, and is hell-bent to make him pay. Frank and Dennis become moving targets as they continue their quest to solve cold cases.
D.N.A. (Acroname Series Book 2)
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February 10, 2016

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