Three college buddies band together to create a company that does deep sea treasure diving and recovery of historical artifacts. Using advanced technical diving suits, they make their first dive to a thousand feet off the Oregon coast in quest of a missing WWII Japanese submarine. Instead, they uncover a decades-old secret that sends a shockwave through government security. Fearing it will become front-page news, the government is forced to step in and help with their salvage efforts.In Newport, Oregon, retired Air Force Colonel Oscar Madison Gains spends his time enjoying gardening and meteorite hunting with Marty, his AF friend. Little does he know that the military secret he tried to forget, has now surfaced only a few miles from his home. Oscar is thrown back into the cloak and dagger world and forced to utilize his high-level government connections. O.M.G. follows these two storylines as they come crashing together in a climax that unearths a million-year-old secret.
O. M. G. (Acroname Series Book 4)
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August 25, 2019
Diving Fiction

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Underwater Photographer, Lecturer, Audiovisual Producer

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Jack Drafahl (co-author)